interactive + wireless

Control music playlists, open address book, start navigation, listen to weather, set alarms and so much more!

Pairs with your smartphone for one-touch integration


3 Payments of $33

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60 Day Money back Guarantee

Answer calls · control music · access siri / alexa · shutter control

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interactive + wireless


Glasses charge easily via dual magnetic USB cord

Classic Design

Wayfarer Style lightweight frame does not slip or slide

Auto-off Function

Powers down automatically when arms are closed

Open-ear Audio

Twin micro speakers provide crystal clear audio

Bluetooth connectivity for calls, music, navigation & more! 

Access your phone calls, music, navigation, etc. without having to take out your phone thanks to the integrated AI voice control. With over 3.5 hours of use on a full charge.

Safely take calls hands-free while on the go

Control and listen to your favorite music

Take pictures with a touch of the frames

Safely follow navigation instructions

Stay connected hands-free!

Lets you hear your music and environment at the same time

stealth Micro technology

Micro Boom Smart Glasses feature two small built-in speakers and microphones placed precisely behind each ear so you can make and receive phone conversations in privacy. 

All the while enabling you to hear the ambient sounds. Micro booms let you listen to music that only YOU can hear while having conversations and hearing critical sounds, as contrast to earbuds that block outside sounds.

simply tap buttons on phone arms to activate commands

Conveniently located touch sensors allow you to be truly hands free and control your phone even if its hundreds of feet away. 

Safely take calls and follow navigation in the car hands-free! Play sports, enjoy a jog, or ride a bike while controlling and listening to music.

Make and receive phone calls with privacy all while enabling you to hear the ambient sounds around you

Comfortable, Secure, Durable design for multi-purpose use

Limited time Offer!

3 Payments of $33

60 Day Money Back Guarantee